Friday, March 12, 2010

a tough day

Yesterday we had a tragic case with an extremely ill pre-eclamptic woman with a dead fetus. The extent of her pathology was far beyond anything we have seen in Canada. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of two staff anesthesiologists, two senior residents and an nurse anesthetist, she died on the operating table. Ariane and I were very upset by this but wrote a detailed account of the case with some recommendations as to how we can improve care in the future. We will be arranging a combined rounds with anesthesia and obstetrics to discuss this case.

Sometimes you can't save everyone.


  1. Sorry to hear about your rough day. Anita and I did not have any deaths while we there but had many close calls that were emotionally draining. It is important to focus on the good that you are doing and how in years to come some of these deaths may be prevented.

    On a lighter note, I'm enjoying readingyour blog. Paulin and Bona are still doing well.


  2. Hi Janice,

    Thanks very much for your support and wise advice. It is very helpful to see how much better things are in a year. We need to keep focusing on the teaching of safe practices.

    It helps so much to have the support of friends and colleagues. We've heard from André, in London, and friends in Halifax. We are all going to be able to accomplish so much more by working together.

    It's great to hear that Paulin and Bona are well.

    Take care.