Wednesday, March 24, 2010

live from Rwanda

Today we had a web conference between Halifax and Kigali through Wimba classroom. It was quite exciting to bring together the anesthesia residents in both cities to discuss a very difficult case we had. It was wonderful to hear from Paulin and Bona, who are two Rwandan residents doing a 6 month elective in Halifax. The residents in Kigali hope we can do more web conferences as they would love to share in our educational sessions. It was very successful.

Brian's luggage has finally been found. It has been an enormous headache and multiple phone calls. It seems the luggage was hiding in Burundi.

Our power is out because KHI has not paid the bill, darn. Candlelight, headlamps and mosquito coils.

Tomorrow we are off to Butare again and Ariane and I hope to do the waterfall hike in Nyungwe Forest. Next Monday will be dinner in Heaven (popular Kigali restaurant) with the residents as our time here is winding down.

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