Sunday, March 14, 2010

The city that never sleeps...

Some of you may have thought that New York is the city that never sleeps. Actually, it's Nyamirambo. We live in a lively neighbourhood with people laughing and running around at all hours. Because of roadwork, there is a detour by our house, so trucks honk and spew dust in the air. There is a "bar" down the street, which is a lively spot till 5 AM. Then there's a short pause until the man with the megaphone comes at 6 AM on Saturday morning for public service announcements in Kinyarwanda. You might think I'm kidding.... if only. For me, being in Africa is all about letting go.

We've taken to using the "motos" when we come home at dusk. These are the all pervasive motor cycle taxis. A couple of biker muzungus we are.

Brian and Daniel are due in at midnight tonight after having missed a plane connection with a long detour through London and Nairobi. Good thing there's a cold Mutzig in the fridge.


  1. I hope you remembered your earplugs:) I can sleep through anything but have to say the man with the megaphone was quite persistent and seemed to favour the location right outside the bedroom. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we understood kinyarwandan.

  2. Soak it all in... what an amazing experience!