Saturday, March 13, 2010

our local market

Today we checked out our local market. Stalls crammed high with piles of cabbages, tiny bananas, pineapples, papaya, potatoes, onions, tree tomatoes - you name it. The air is full of dust, voices, and that distinctive smell of rotting fruit peels that characterizes our walk to work. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, chatting and bartering and laughing. We are fairly sure we mzungus are getting ripped off, but at $0.40 per pineapple, it's hard to argue.
We have very much enjoyed cooking in our little kitchen here. There are so many fresh vegetables, as well as beans and rice, that we often make a curry or stir-fry for dinner. So far we have avoided eating much in the way of meat. The chicken tends to be tough
and stringy, and every time we walk past a butcher shop a battalion of flies are attached to the beef. But the fresh fruit is the highlight of every meal.


  1. Hi Patty- I think the flies would make me a vegetarian. I am enjoying your blog. Though I was upset to hear about the women's death at least today looked like a better day.
    Take care -we are missing you in class

  2. Thanks, Kim.

    We are definitely eating vegetarian. Our diet is super healthy.

    I hope I'm not missing too much in the class and I will see you for the last one April 6.